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Boost employee engagement with a radically new approach to learning

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Boost employee participation with a radically new approach to training

Change the way you Learn

Learning is not just courses.

Share documents, schedule events, create assessments and collaborate - all in one easy to use, centralized system.

Runs on cloud and supports multiple devices enabling your employees to learn anywhere, anytime on any device.

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Start two-way Conversations

Say goodbye to a disconnected company.

Communicate messages, encourage feedback, discuss ideas and stimulate conversation within your organization.

Create an organization wide knowledge-base by encouraging employees to not only invest in their own learning but also to share their knowledge and help their peers.

(LayUp - Connected Users, Connected Organization)

Create Loyalty and Following

Maintain a strong company culture.

Customize the entire look and feel, design custom badges and certificates, create branded leader-boards and even run your own targeted email campaigns.

Use inbuilt tools to create a workforce of ambassadors that fully understand your brand and champion loyalty and following.

(Screenshot: LayUp - Customized for your Organization)

Increase Accountability

Stop guessing. Take action faster.

See how employees interact with your training programs. Monitor time spent on activities to identify gaps and take action faster - armed with real data.

Get insight into learning performance across the entire organization and fine tune your training delivery strategy to achieve optimal results.

(Screenshot: LayUp - Integrated Analytics Engine)

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